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It Takes Time
My earnest desire
To see your heart healed
Thought the warmth of my fire
And my light could reveal
A way to make
An immediate change
How arrogant was I
To think that I could
Be the source of your life
And my providence would
Heal all your wounds
And remove every bruise
But this is your journey
And I am only a companion
I know that you're hurting
I just can't stand to see you broken
But in this canyon
In this valley, we were chosen
There is light inside
I am by your side
I know it takes time
If I shut my eyes
I know I won't fail
Had a plank stuck in mine
And my sight was derailed
I could not see
It's not all up to me
This introspective mile
Must be walked alone
Face the monsters inside
It's the work of your soul
And I will pray
Your night will turn to day
And throughout your journey
I'll be your closest of companions
And I will not worry
I know with faith, you'll be unbroken
But in this canyon
In this valley, we were chosen
There is light inside
I am by your side
I know it takes ti
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The Nature of My Commitment (Relentless Pursuit)
Patiently, I'm waiting
Patiently, I'm praying for a change
And I'm seeing changes come
As we keep exchanging
Every day we're playing gets less strange
Soon it won't be strange to love
And this is the nature of my commitment to you
My relentless pursuit
I'll be here to love you every moment
Soon, you won't just know it
You'll completely love me too
Time, my greatest ally
Patience is my night light in the dark
While I'm working in your heart
All these seeds will harvest
But it takes the process so long
I've been with you from the start
And this is the nature of my commitment to you
My relentless pursuit
I'll be here to love you every moment
Soon, you won't just know it
You'll completely love me too
And there is no danger in my decision to prove
My commitment to you
My faith is moving your every mountain
Soon, you won't be broken
Your heart will be renewed
And you'll completely love me too
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Ad Lib
This is an ad lib
This is an improvisation
I'm sort of mad still
There was just no provocation
I'm not unhappy
Not if I try to repress it
My strength is sappy
I'm not strong enough to make it
Not on my own
I'm going home
I need my one and only first love
Come, Lord Jesus
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Unfinished Projects
Nothing gives me more satisfaction
Than working with commitment to art
Whether it's a painting or statue
Creating is the drive of my heart
You came over, picked up a hammer
Showed interest in becoming a part
Of building you and me together
But maybe just bad timing to start
And I am never comfortable
With these unfinished projects
The desire of my heart
Is just to have someone to build with
And what we built was wonderful
I'll find a special closet
To retire this romance
Might just have to remain unfinished
Building life together in romance
And working through the challenges, hark
Even through the flood we would still stand
We could have built a gopher wood ark
But you chose to lay down your hammer
Decided we were not in your heart
Quit building, and you left the project
Abandoning what you helped me start
And I was left uncomfortable
With this unfinished project
Debate to throw it out
The lessons are just too important
But practice, maybe that was all
Not a masterpiece project
I'll ge
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Deeper Waters
I know why you're scared of the ocean
I know why you're frightened of love
Why you are afraid of emotion
I know what you're terrified of  
I know love, the ocean is so deep
God is love, and trust is the key
I know why you're back on the shoreline
I know why you want to be friends
You turned back at thought of a riptide
I know you're not ready to swim
Safety is a walk on the beach
You don't need protection from me
Remember where we have been
And all the experience
We've shared from our Father
I still believe I am meant
To help you learn how to swim
In the deeper waters
But, I know why you need a brief respite
Or a longer time to be sure
Whatever you need will be perfect
Any choice to swim will be yours
I will be the friend that you need
Even if we never go deep
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I Still Choose You
Can I still call you beautiful?
Can I still call you Princess?
Can I still think you're wonderful
And let you know this?
Can I still be affectionate?
Can I still lie beside you?
Can I still hold you in my arms
To gently guide you?
'Cause after everything that we've been through
I still choose you
Can I still write you poetry?
Can I still bring you presents?
Can I be who I used to be
With more perspective?
If you still really care for me
If you still really like me
Can we please try this thing again
But take it lightly?
'Cause after everything that we've been through
I am still choosing you
Yes, after everything that we've been through
I still choose you
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Pages One Through Four
Pages One Through Four
Page one
Our introduction
We didn't even have to try
I was brought right into your life
Page two
Began to date you
We had a very special time
I was yours, I thought you were mine
Page three
You broke up with me
Your feelings changed, I don't know why
I thought I did everything right
Page four
There's an open door
We're friends at this moment in time
Who knows what could be on page five?
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Scariest Ride
This has been the scariest ride
That I have ever been on
And I'm so grateful that it's over
The twisting and turning inside
Now that I've reached the end of
This emotional roller coaster
I'm standing back on level ground
And I have finally slowed down
I am much braver than before
And if I have to ride again
I now know all the loops and bends
I'm so much stronger now, for sure
I have been through darkness of night
And I have felt like I lost
But I'm still faithful through these changes
The testing and burning, the fire
The price, the measure, the cost
This devotional time of patience
I was so nearly robbed and bound
My faith was almost taken down
But I have been prepared to win
It's not the way I wanted it
But all the pieces seem to fit
I just can't see as well as Him
So, I leave the engineering
To the One who sees it all
All I need to know is the ending
:iconcaptaincardinal:CaptainCardinal 0 0
Separate the Waters by CaptainCardinal Separate the Waters :iconcaptaincardinal:CaptainCardinal 0 0


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Clayton R. Varney
United States
I am a Spirit-filled Christian endowed with the creative gene of my Father in heaven, who created the Universe by His Word, His Son, Jesus. While this my reality, I love the world of fantasy, and I believe the Gospel is more fantastic than we can possibly imagine alone. That's me, in a nutshell - however cracked that shell may be!

Current Residence: Midlothian, VA
Personal Quote: Creativity + Composition = Masterpiece
Holy Ghost, I'm finally back on here. I've been MIA for a while, but I have returned. I am currently in the process of cleaning up my page and making it ready for new additions. Be ready!
  • Listening to: Jars of Clay
  • Reading: Words
  • Watching: My computer screen
  • Playing: Always
  • Eating: Done with that for the night
  • Drinking: Nah, I abstain from alcohol


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